Saturday, January 21, 2017

A look back at my teaching years

I paid for the first English books at the school (S-BAC) . Before that I copied lessons from the internet, used up a lot of copy paper
I bought a couple hundred textbooks with accompanying picture magazine, and Thai - English dictionaries.
File:Hangman game.jpgLast ten minutes of each class we played hangman of words or phrases which had been discussed that period.   
The person who solved the puzzle was rewarded with 10 or 20, occasionally 50 baht. No books allowed, notes were allowed. 
The majority of the class were taking notes. 
To some of the students it just meant extra spending money, for others it meant a hot lunch
I taught English eight years without a salary. Just benefits, going places, meeting people, meeting important people, doing stuff, experiencing Thai life.

Sakon Nakhon

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