Friday, May 19, 2017

Of interest to advertisers: Scrutiny on the net is increasing CYA

"Alcoholic beverages may not be advertised in a manner which directly or indirectly claims benefits or promotes its consumption..."

In advertisements instead use terms such as "tall one," "cold one, tall bottle," "drinks," "tap," etc.

If you use graphics make sure they are "free to use."  Many graphics are free to use for non commercial use (advertisement).

You can promote TV shows in your business if they are "free to air," or public live streaming, as is often the case on facebook and you tube.  If it's a pay service, you must have proper licenses and permits.
If you play music in a public establishment, chances are it's copyrighted and you are required to have a license. Latest I read that license is 600 baht per year.
There's a term widely used for people who give advice and don't know all the facts.  The graphic may be a hint. If I got some facts twisted or not up to date, or missed some important facts, feel free to comment.  Please do. 
Sakon Nakhon