Thursday, June 15, 2017

Resume to 1963

First job I ever had was at age 7 Story Teller.
I was assigned nightly duty of talking boys under age 4 to sleep at an orphanage

Second job was at age 9 in Munich
I was hired as a private eye.  
This guy wanted to keep tabs on his wife.
My job was to watch the entrance of her apartment from the playground and report all comings and goings.
It was a three day job.  I was paid 10 Mark (German currency) per day.
in the 1950's that was a hell of a lot of money for a nine year old.

Third job was ball boy at a tennis court.  The job lasted for a month.
Everybody got fired one day.  Think we were replaced by family members.

Quite by accident I became a panhandler at age 12 
I had lost some grocery money and was searching the pavement.
My mother was a disciplinarian. I was sure to get a whipping. I was in tears.
Passersby's would ask me why I was crying.
To my surprise, a stranger handed me money.  I was overjoyed.
That was so easy, for a while I started crying on the streets daily.
I picked a different location every day. Easy Money !!

I remember distinctly how that job ended:
An elderly lady had listened to my sob story.  She was reaching for her purse to hand me some money.
Another woman approached.  Holy crap! it was my mother.  When she realized what I was doing, she was furious.
The old woman tried to explain to my mother: "don't hit him, it was an accident, he didn't mean to loose the money."
Sitting was painful for a few days.

Then we came to America 1958. 

My first job in Anchorage was paperboy.  
I was stalking the paperboy. He got scared and quit, I took over the route.

Next I became a fur cleaner. I cleaned fur coats, jackets, hat's, and even a few unmentionables.

Fur cleaning involved sawdust and chemicals. 
Besides cleaning furs, I also did a lot of animal skinning.

Trophy hunters would come from all over the world to hunt in Alaska.

They just wanted the trophies, not the meat.  

Benefit of the job was a variety of meats of any Alaskan wildlife.   

1961 I became a concessionaire  at the Anchorage ice skating rink in the winter, and in the summer I worked at Lake Spenard

Did a lot of figure scatting, ice hockey and swimming for two years.

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